About Us

Smaller Company Focus
North American Funds LLC specializes in acquiring or making significant investments in smaller and lower middle market companies that have meaningful opportunities for growth.  Our focus is on companies with revenues between $5 and $40 million and EBITDA between $500,000 and $5 million.

Experienced Team
The North American team has spent most of their careers working with smaller companies and their management teams putting in place the necessary building blocks to pursue and successfully implement reasoned growth strategies.  This experience has made us comfortable with the distinctive issues smaller companies face.  More important, we are firm believers that many smaller companies have exciting business opportunities that if wisely implemented can create significant shareholder value.

Successful Record
The North American team has a demonstrable record of taking smaller companies to the next level.  Since 1990 the Chicago based team has acquired and exited from nine platform companies.  Over an eight year average investment period, these platform companies grew from slightly more than $120 million revenue at acquisition to over $300 million revenue in the year of exit.  Approximately one-third of this growth was driven by 14 add-on acquisitions.  Shareholder value in these investments increased by over 300%. We believe our combination of capital and experience makes North American a valuable partner in assisting management teams realize their goal of developing larger and much more valuable enterprises.

We pay industry standard intermediary or investment banking fees and welcome discussions on any opportunity within our parameters.